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OPM Schweppes



He creado estos sabores para ampliar el universo de la mixología. Una vez combinadas, las Original Premium Mixers de Schweppes enfatizan el sabor del destilado y no lo enmascaran, consiguiendo realzar los aromas para un alto disfrute en boca gracias a su efervescencia y a su inigualable burbuja, potente y equilibrada

Javier de las Muelas

OPM. We have to get used to pronounce these three words when you want to enjoy the most intense pleasure in our glass.
And is that the wide range of Premium spirits finally complemented with a range of  Premium Mixers . It is not a matter of trend, there was a need and fill a void curious. Knowing how to choose and create a unique experience is available to few. why every time we ordered a Premium distillate, we see reflected on the palate thequality, the attention to detail and knowledge of tradition years in search of purity.

OPM Schweppes

So many years of searching for a unique and intense pleasure deserve respect but especially deserves an equal authentic mixer basis: Original Premium Schweppes Mixers. To create this line, Schweppes has added to its more than 220 years of experience as a reference mixer, the knowledge of Javier de las Muelas, founder of legendary cocktail bar Gimlet and the legendary Dry Martin, recognized as one of the 10 best bars in the world “Once combined, the Original Premium Schweppes Mixers emphasize the taste of the distillate and do not mask, getting enhance flavors for a high enjoyment in the mouth thanks to its fizz and its unmatched, powerful and balanced bubble “. The bubble is the vehicle to expand and highlight the palate virtues of the distillate. So while the Original Premium Schweppes Mixers keep the bubble until the end of the cup, in other mixers, disappears after a few minutes.

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