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Dry Martini By Javier de las Muelas Sorrento

Dry Martini by Javier de las Muelas is much more than a cocktail bar, it is one of the best cocktails in the world. Surrounded by a pleasant atmosphere that invites you to chat, in Dry Martini you can enjoy both classic cocktails recreations, as signature cocktails By Javier de las Muelas.
Now Javier de las Muelas joins Majestic Palace to open the doors of Dry Martini in the Hotel of Sant’Agnello to create a unique space in Italy.

A great quality of service and a magnificent view over the Gulf of Naples. Located in the heart of the Sorrento Peninsula, the Majestic Palace Hotel is a true oasis of tranquility surrounded by a lush garden, citrus orchards and beautiful mansions.

Majestic Palace Hotel
40, Corso Marion Crawford
80065 Sant’Agnello di Sorrento

Tf. +39 081 807 20 50

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