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MIDNIGHT JAZZ Father’s day Cocktail 2018

Javier de las Muelas proposes celebrating Father’s Day with an exotic combined with ingredients from the orient and tropical touches. A creation to honor all parents on March 19.

Midnight Jazz ‘is made with rum Santa Teresa 1796, tamarind and lime juice, agave syrup, egg white and green cardamom that brings the oriental essence. As a final dressing, Javier de las Muelas includes an aromatic leaf of kaffir lime and star anise.

3  lima kaffir leafs
3 gotas Droplets® Green Cardamom
0,5cl white egg
0,5cl agave syrup
1,5cl lima juice
2cl lima Rose’s
3cl tamarind juice
5cl rum Santa Teresa 1796

GLASSWARE: High cupa


GARNISH: Hoja de lima kaffir y anís estrellado

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