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Droplets By Javier de las Muelas

A perfect gastronomic and 100% natural ingredient that can transform Gin & Tonics, Cocktails, sauces and infusions.

It’s been a while that in Dry Martini we were looking for a product able to create a new category offering endless new possibilities and sensations. A product result of precise formulations, of passion, which would grant continuity to the flavors without leaving the precision required by our craft and without being subject to the rules that make the variability, seasonality, or organoleptic changes of natural products. That was the guide we used to create Droplets by Javier de las Muelas.


With a few drops of Droplets we can reinterpret cocktails and dishes always aiming innovation and creativity, mixing different shades of vegetables, spices and fruits, obtaining uniqueness and consistency in all our creations.

Its uses are limitless: cocktails, teas, gin & tonics, hot and cold sauces, vinaigrettes, dressings, juices, flavored oils, etc. They blend easily, don’t contain alcohol and are 100% natural. A feast for the senses.


Droplets by Javier de las Muelas is marketed in professional and home formats. The professional format is available in individual containers of 50gr. And the home format is served in boxes of 6 or 12 droppers of 7gr. Each one, distinguishing between mature flavors and fresh flavors.

Droplets Home Edition 

Droplets By Javier de las Muelas

. Discover all the flavors and recipes at the DROPLETS® website

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