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CETT opens the subscription for the University Extension Course in Cocktails and Mixology 2019-20

The international center for training and knowledge transfer CETT (attached to the University of Barcelona) presented the first Diploma of University Extension in Cocktails and Mixology of the Spanish State, whose first edition was taught at the CETT-UB Campus, between the months of November from 2015 to May 2016, with the advice and collaboration of […]

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On July 20, Javier de las Muelas, a leading businessman in the world of cocktails and creator of gastronomic trends, has received the highest award for international cocktails, the prestigious “Helen David Lifetime Achievement Award” at the 13th Annual Gala of the “Spirited Awards” at the most important cocktail event in the world, The Tales […]

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It is the only Italian Dry Martini, located on the coast of Sorrento, and has celebrated its first birthday. Javier de las Muelas, entrepreneur and trendsetter opened the terrace bar last year with Giulia Rossano and Lucio D’Orsi, owners of the Majestic Palace Hotel Sant’Agnello coinciding with the 40th Anniversary of Dry Martini in Barcelona. […]

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An intimate space while very modern, surrounded by greenery to enjoy outdoors a fresh and attractive cuisine designed by Martín Berasategui and the best cocktail, ad-hoc space, by the hand of Javier de las Muelas. Anyone who wants luxury and glamor in the open air, who looks out onto the terrace of the Monument Hotel, […]

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Guru of Spirits

A campaign that emphasizes the quality of spirits, linked to its agricultural origin, to a carefully selected raw material and to a process of millenarian elaboration. An initiative that focuses on the versatility and sensoriality of the Spirits and leaves behind the old idea, never better said, that can only be consumed by night, fitting […]

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In the context of the Lisbon Bar Show, considered one of the largest bar fairs in the world, (May 14 and 15, 2019), the team of Schweppes bartenders led by Javier de las Muelas, present the eight trends that will mark the mixology in the coming months. The use of local ingredients, versatile and as […]

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The first “CEPS” mushrooms arrive to the city.

The season of “CEPS” begins, and in SPEAKEASY the Clandestine Restaurant of Dry Martini, we are working in the elaboration of the dishes with this appreciated mushroom. Los “CEPS” o “Boletus edulis”  son unas de las más apreciadas setas por su sabor y textura. El nombre latino de la seta indica esta característica: en latín […]

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One more season, the Grandvalira Mountain Club joins skiing and gastronomy in a 3rd edition of the Snow Club Gourmet. On Saturday, January 19, the restaurant Pi de Migdia of El Tarter in Grandvalira hosted the first day of its 3rd edition. The gastronomic event, which was one of the most important in the history […]

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THE BAR, Homenaje al Dry Martini

The Bar es un viaje por la historia del Dry Martini a través de uno de los referentes de nuestro país, el Dry Martini Bar. Acompañados por Javier de las Muelas conoceremos los orígenes del cocktail, descubriremos su relación con el arte, el cine y la literatura o cómo lo preferían personajes como Doroty Parker, […]

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MIDNIGHT JAZZ Father’s day Cocktail 2018

Javier de las Muelas proposes celebrating Father’s Day with an exotic combined with ingredients from the orient and tropical touches. A creation to honor all parents on March 19. Midnight Jazz ‘is made with rum Santa Teresa 1796, tamarind and lime juice, agave syrup, egg white and green cardamom that brings the oriental essence. As […]

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