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The Corner By Javier de las Muelas, the Eurostars new gastronomic label consequence of the alliance with Dry Matini Organization.

Eurostars Hotels presents The Corner By Javier de las Muelas en La Toja. The Corner Eurostars Gran Hotel La Toja is a new cocktail proposal marked by the seal of Javier de las Muelas. The gastronomic proposal of the company, which can be enjoyed throughout the year, is present in an exclusive selection of the best hotels in Spain, Europe and Latin America.

The Corner opens its doors either for hotel guest or external, being located in the lobby of each of these hotels and becoming a unique place to enjoy the best brunches or vermouths. In addition, leveraging its opening during the summer season, The Corner is installed on the terrace of some of these hotels, extending its excellent cocktail service.

Next to the own drinks list, compiled by Javier de las Muelas, the proposal includes a fine selection of dishes and tapas to accompany, that may be varied according to the city where The Corner is located. A unique and exclusive collaboration between Eurostars and Dry Martini Organization to discover in every corner the best flavor of our travel destination.

Address: Isla de La Toja, s/n
36991 O Grove, Pontevedra
Phone: 986 73 00 50

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